Businessman, designer, dreamer: Giacomo Valentini is a man who makes his ideas come true.

After a long training and working experience in the family businesses, his first personal adventure started in 1976, with the opening of an interior design company in Sidney.

Many marketing experiences abroad and specialization courses represented the background against which the creativity of a true designer developed.

When, during a trip in Tibet, he decided to found Orobianco, he grounded the company on some key pillars which still encompass and support his marketing view: a clear idea about the products, i.e. fashion accessories; an international market orientation right from the beginning, starting from Japan; the willingness and the ability to recognize and enhance the artisan skills of certain geographical areas; the curiosity to experiment with new technologies and the creation of a reliable management team.

At the heart of Orobianco's lifestyle is the confidence in the ideas that Giacomo develops together with his wife Barbara Fischer.

Steady exchange between research and passion for art, beauty and fashion.